Mobile Days

The Bilkent IEEE Student Branch will hold Mobile Days on the 4th, 5th and 6th April 2014 for the second time. Mobile Days will inform you about new trends, provide you with the opportunity to learn how to develop mobile applications and bring you together with famous speakers from mobile sector.

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Mobile Days is constituted of conferences in which individuals adept in fields of mobile technologies and academicians will nourish the intellect of participants. The seminars will have a wide range of subjects targeting an audience from a variety of experience in mobile development.

Application Development Trainings

The consequentiality of Mobile Days arises from its being the only in Turkey to ever bring together mobile operating systems. There will be introduction to mobile application development trainings for Windows Phone on the 4th April, for Android on the 5th April and for iOS on the 6th April.


We aspire to create a cordial environment for university students, developers, companies and speakers to meet each other. The achievement of the formation of such an environment will be established through the organization of common breaks, cocktails and encouragement awards.