@13:30am on Friday, February 23rd

@10:30am on Saturday, February 24rd

 Friday Saturday
13:30 Opening Speech 10:30 Seyfeddin Başsaraç
13:45 Bilgem Çakır 11.45 Okan Alper
15:00 Dilek Basaran Bil 13:15 Lunch Break
15:45 Serdar Doğruyol 14:15 Oğuz Onay
17:00 Andreu Ibanez 15:30 Erdem Lafçı
    16:45 Gökhan Topçu

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Bilgem Çakır

Night Lore Studios

Bilgem is an opinionated code purist who has never not-shipped. Bilgem began professional coding in late 90’s after 10 years of coding for demoscene. Before joining the Empire in the US, he built graphics stacks for user devices in Turkey and Europe and now, he started his own indie game studio after two decades of corporate experience to build solo developing games.

Seyfeddin Başsaraç

Thread Co.

Seyfeddin is a self-taught designer and iOS developer who spends his time improving every aspect of a product service. He wasn't interested in programming until he was 20. Since then, he worked as a Front-End Web Developer, Designer, Back-End Developer and iOS Developer

Okan Alper


Okan has over 15 years of experience in building scalable and redundant systems. He was part of a small team that created a new product line at Oracle that was used by Fortune-100 companies, and also worked on systems for large telecoms around the world. Okan has also worked at Yahoo as the architect for, which had over 50 million daily users and which was the most popular personalized portal at that time. He is currently leading a team of developers that are building highly scalable and reliable systems for early stage startups to large corporations in Silicon Valley and Europe.

Serdar Doğruyol

Public Speaker, Open Source Wizard, Creator of Kemal

As a true believer in sharing "the knowledge", Serdar is an active member of the open source community. He's a long time Rubyist and a recent member of the Crystal programming language team. He's the creator and core developer of the popular Kemal Web Framework. Having built great teams and many projects at Turkish companies, he's now totally into remote work. At his free time, you can find him speaking at conferences around the world, practicing Japanese or playing computer games.

Andreu Ibanez


Andreu is a Google expert, GDG Lleida Founder and lead organizer, Co-organizer at GDG Spain, mentor admin and speaker in the Google open source programs GSoC and Google Code-in. Director TIC Labs at the Scientific Park of Lleida, Spain. where he funded in 2010 the Liquid Galaxy LAB, a unique in the world Google GEO projects LAB, and now also runs the Artificial Intelligence LAB and LleidaDrone LAB.

Gökhan Topçu


Gokhan is a Software Engineer with experience in different areas of software developement like aerospace, simulation and finance. He has been working on a variety of programming languages, including C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java and C#. Previously he worked on projects like T129 ATAK Helicopter and DATAS(Submarine Tactical Simulator). Since 2014 he focused on iOS development, building high quality -mostly financial- applications and frameworks for corporate customers.

Erdem Lafçı

Co-Founder @APPS

Erdem is product developer who is focused on mobile technologies. He is passionate about mobile apps and games with more than 7 years experience in mobile app development. His team's latest project, "A Word" became the most popular mobile game of the year 2017 in Turkey. He has been organizing events as well as speaking and mentoring on mobile tech related topics since 2010. (Mobile Monday Ankara - GDG Ankara) He's also interested in productivity and loves learning new things everyday.

Dilek Basaran Bil


Dilek Başaran Bil graduated from Mechanical Engineering Dept. of METU in 2000 and obtained her MSc. degree in 2003 from the same department. Her thesis topics was “Intelligent Mobile Robotic Colony Systems”. She is continuing her Ph.D. studies in M.E. Dept. in collaboration with E.E.E. Dept. of METU.

Oğuz Onay


He got his BSc and PhD from METU EEE Department. He worked at TUBITAK Electronics Research Institute, then at HAVELSAN as Technical Project Lead. He worked in projects concerning E-Devlet, UYAP, SEÇSİS, MOBESE, TAKBİS, TEİAŞ. He has been working at IBM Turkey as Senior IT Architect. Though he is interested in every branch of technology, his specialty is Information Technologies. He plays a significant role in technology transfer in Turkey and he is interested in putting innovations into practice.

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